Students in government schools often face hurdles to cope up with the curriculum and the way of learning. They fail to understand the teaching and cannot interact to other pupils who are highly responsive in the classroom. In the examination based evaluation system, they do not perform well. When they don’t find any remedy, they leave their studies and join into works as child labour. This is the harsh reality behind the increased number of dropouts in the Indian government schools.  In the government schools, the classrooms are in most of the cases very crowded. The teachers cannot invest attentions to each and every student individually for this improper ratio between students and teachers. The poor and insufficient infrustructures are also responsible for students’ distraction from such an education system. The scenario can be changed only when we can ensure the remedial education for poor children in each and every government school.

Remedial education for poor children can decrease the number of dropouts in Indian government schools. Remedial classes are provided for those who are attending the schools regularly but still face problems to learn the curriculum. Such a situation directs the students into a stage of psychological breakdown making them diverted from their goal, as suggested by psychiatrist C. Radhakant. In our education system, there is no choice based credit system. So a student has to learn the subject in which he is not competent. Students having analytical problem face problems in mathematics and many of them are not interested with the subjects like history in which one needs much attention. Remedial education provides them extra knowledge in those subjects which seem to them quite hard to learn.  

Remedial education for poor children is one of the education charities in India initiated by Khushii, an NGO with national presence.  Khushii initiates supportive education through tutorials among the students in government schools to reduce dropouts. Remedial education for poor children is run by Khushii with two schemes: Shikshaantra and Shikhshaantra+. Shikshaantra is initiated for the pupils who come to learn after their formal school hours to fulfill the gap of learning. Our expert tutors help them to clarify their doubts in learning with special attention to each individual. Shikshaantra+ is directly run at the government schools to meet the crisis of teachers’ strength and insufficient infrustructures. Students are provided proper counselling, learning materials, nutritional foods, clothings, healthcare and other essential things for proper growth along with the remedial classes in both the schemes. As an effect of the remedial classes run by Khushii, the dropout rate has drastically fallen in those schools in the past few years. We have brought more than 21000 children under this scheme of remedial education and our projects are expanding their wings in more government schools throughout India.


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