It has been a challenging journey over the last 3 months to mount an effective humanitarian response and continue programmes in the midst of a nationwide lockdown and in the face of the continued risk of infection. KHUSHII is adopting a two-pronged approach –

1.In collaboration with the state governments and local communities, KHUSHII is providing immediate help in the form of vital information, safety-equipment and food.

  • Safety Equipment: such as PPE kits and other protective gear to healthcare workers
  • Information & Advice: through structured interactions with Anganwadi workers and through direct messages, phone calls and social media campaigns, to empower communities with knowledge to help keep them safe and contain COVID-19
  • Ration Donations: to the most needy families

2.Continue to run programmes within the safety parameters prescribed by the government:

    • Education: Addressing the challenge of keeping children learning at home through online and telephone outreach by KHUSHII teachers. They plan a routine together with the children, have open conversations and conduct online activities for them. Alongside, they engage with the parents to share tips for supporting home schooling.
    • Mental Health: Reaching out to students and families to extend emotional support through our qualified counsellors. KHUSHII’s aim is to support children facing the new realities of temporary unemployment for their parents, home-schooling and lack of physical contact with other family members, friends and colleagues.
    • Community Development: Through Shiksha Aur Vikas programme, KHUSHII is continuing to train women and youth under various skill development initiatives to prepare them to enter the workforce.

Education – catalysing change for a ‘new normal’

To quickly restore educational access to as many students as possible and provide engagement for undisrupted learning.

Mediums Currently Being Used:
Virtual mediums: internet, text & WhatsApp messages

Mental Health Issues & Coping During COVID


      • To implement simple and relevant strategies to ensure psychological well-being of students.
      • To engage with parents on a timely basis to support children mentally, emotionally at home
      • To connect families with the appropriate government resources and other sources of aid and relief

Medium Currently Being Used:

Online individual counselling sessions & Online group activities for students and families

Community Development – Building resilience of communities during and post COVID-19


      • To build community awareness on COVID-19
      • To ensure social safety nets for the community members
      • To build capacities of frontline healthcare providers

Mediums Currently Being Used

Webinars, awareness videos, phone, WhatsApp, text messages, virtual meetings and presentations 

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