Shiksha aur Vikas is a structured intervention that gives communities greater control over the conditions that affect their lives. Involving social, economic, environmental & infrastructure development to strengthen the system and create new avenues for better health, continuous education, progressive economic development & cohesive society.

Distinctive elements of the Program:

Education & Life Skills

  • Digital literacy for adults
  • Legal literacy
  • Linkage with Govt. schemes and resources
  • Life skills

Financial Inclusion

  • Creating/activating SHGs(Self Help Groups)
  • Market analysis for small enterprise
  • Market linkages
  • Financial linkages & micro credit
  • Convergence with federations and sangathans
  • Sessions on soft skills

Skill Development

  • NSDC certified training courses
  • Sessions on soft skills
  • Employability

Health & Sanitation

  • Coordinate with health agencies
  • Promote and strengthen access to healthcare services
  • Capacity building of health centres
  • Access to clean and safe water
  • Improve sanitation facilities
  • Promote hygiene practices
  • Solid waste management