Festivity is incomplete without philanthropy! KHUSHII welcomes Daan Utsav, alongside Durga Puja, Navratras, Vijaya Dashami & Dusshera. Daan Utsav, or the Joy of Giving, is a week-long event where we invoke individuals like you, from all steps of life, to come forward and help those in need with your generous ‘Acts of Giving’. What would you get, you say?

What does one get when one spreads a smile? A smile back. The warmth of feel-good. The nobility of having changed a life. The simplest deeds can bring about the greatest of change. Let the week motivate you to contribute to KHUSHII’s cause and to make a difference in society!

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Did you give in to the online smartphone sale? Did you upgrade to a heavy-duty laptop? Have you planned a Diwali of electronic gifting? While we are mindlessly swiping on our new-smartphones on all of the above options, some of our children are yet to know the power of the keyboard.

KHUSHII helps them with DIGITAL training and classrooms, and we believe YOU too can participate in building a SMART future! Come forward and gift a laptop – help learning become powerpointed; gift a pendrive / hard-disk – and all those lessons can be stored; gift a notebook – for a deserving student deserves to learn further; gift a computer teacher’s salary and enable a course to be conducted. In short, gift Digitisation to those in whose hands lives tomorrow. Contact Kuntala on 9831024510 and become a part of #DigitalDrive.

Promise to donate, donate to empower and empower to change.

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