About Moon Series

Painted in textured renderings, one can see a silvery white moon in full bloom as in- The steadfast Moon or a half-moon in pinkish orange brown palette as in- The Part moon

It is the power of Madhuri’s colours which directly influences the soul and sights of her moonscape repertory. In grids and blocks of paint, some compositions are set against the evening blue grey skyline. Others appear in earthy or dark blue night time shades or as pink moons in splits and stripes of colour. As the moon gets fuller or it sets into oblivion, it is through her use of colours that the artist adds or alters the view. The glowing golden pink in crescent moon suggests morning time in her compositions while in the evenings it is depicted in fading red pitched against the setting set in the distant horizon. Rotating its shape and size gradually the moon goes higher up every quarter in different projection and orientation as goes her imagination, rather than adhering to any real pattern.

Madhuri’s paintings feature the moon in different shapes, colours and incarnations each representing a different facet of the moon and its impact on different stages of human life. Appearing in the middle of the realm between darkness and light as in- Moon and resurrection it builds a bridge between the day and night consciousness and unconsciousness. She also paints the new moon in infancy as in- The new age Moon Her crescent moon as in- Dream moon stands for youth and adolescence while the full moon represents maturity see… and waning moon a decline as in- the deceptive moon She paints a super moon at the closest point to earth as in- cold tiffany moon while during its elliptic orbit the moon is depicted amidst remote mountains and forests. In some compositions, the moon is set in a heavenly landscape, whilst others zoom closer to the earth filling up the canvas with a shining moon. As and where it may be Madhuri’s paintings in the moonscape series, appear in a mix of earthy and bright palette. In an open play of colours - grey, silver, golden, pink, red, brown, blue and green, the palette comes in varied shades with a themed colour spread across the background and contrasted by other tints in the surrounding area of the canvas. For texture in white opaque she gives different treatment for each composition to endow it with a transparency and shading with a touch of impasto. She also applies pastel shades to add a rough earthy texture.

The moon shine sans any twinkling stars, lights up Madhuri’s art as a mystical symbol of aesthetic delight. Perceived as a source that helps navigation and finding directions, moon reminds one about reincarnation and the cyclic nature of life. Be it as a large round full moon or a small ever changing silver moon in orb growing and then slowly fading away the moons the artist paints, influence one’s thoughts and psychosis. A tranquillity overflows her canvases as their marvellous grandeur entices the viewer to pause, repose and contemplate. The moon works are between 2020-2021.