Our Growing Partners

With India being the only other third country in the world after Brazil and Mauritius to have a formal legislation on Corporate Social Responsibility, the impetus has just started to grow bigger.
As corporates reach the maturity curve, they seek interventions that deliver maximum output and outcome per rupee of a spend.
RTE (Right to Education) was India’s response to MGDs (Millennium Deposit Goals) and Dakar Education for All (EFA) goals that aimed at achieving the goal of free and universal elementary education for all . India has achieved near universal access such that 98% habitats have a primary school (Class I-V) within one kms and upper primary (VI- VIII) within three kms of a walking distance. However, there has been neglect in defining the grade level capabilities and lack of measures for mapping the ‘learning Levels’ against any set standard.
It is in response to the same that KHUSHII has designed its intervention towards Remedial or support education that complements the existing infrastructure in the Government Schools. Without re-incurring the cost elements that are well provided for by the states under RTE, we only focus on the learning outcomes and improved learning environments for the under-privileged children through Remedial staff, pedagogy, learning methodologies, Capacity Building & Teacher’s trainings, Teaching Learning Materials and Infrastructure Improvements.
We endeavor to attain all of this in as little as INR 200 a child a month.
We are thankful to all our Corporate Partners who have appreciated our intent and work over the years and supported KHUSHII’s cause with increased participation in successive years.

If you would like to partner with us, lend a hand to our children, and come forward to support our endeavours in spreading happiness:

Please Contact

Aanchal Singh (Executive Director)

E: [email protected]

T: 9811219497

Ways to Partner

  • Strategic CSR
  • Employee Giving with a matching Grant
  • Events Sponsorship
  • Employee Volunteering