Swatantra Shikshaantra

Khushii’s tributary schools within the communities

Drop-outs and disinterested teenagers who drift away from education can be integrated into the stream of development using the power of remedial education. With an overall holistic focus on a child’s growth and potential, remedial education can effectively work to create skilled and confident individuals who will be able to participate in today’s fast-paced world of ideas and limitless dynamism.

The project of remedial education aptly titled Swatantra Shikshantra came up with the goal to positively impact the future of hundreds of underprivileged kids.

Swatantra Shikshaantra is like a second home to children who come here after spending their formal school hours at the respective government schools. At Shikshaantra, we try to fill every learning gap. The overall development of the students, in terms of health, social engagements and healthy nourishment is taken care of through health and immunization camps, counselling and proper nutrition through mid-day meals. 12th graduates are given career counselling guidance and meritorious students are facilitated with grants for higher education.

Distinctive elements of the Program:


Shikshaantra Plus

Remedial Education Intervention in Government schools

Being statistically enrolled into a formal school does not ensure a growing rate of literacy in a country, given the numerous other conditions that lead to a huge percentage of drop-outs from all the government schools, the statistics of which might go unnoticed. Thousands of children are still far away from a healthy educational environment with an unbelievably huge number of children leaving education midway and many other suffering from low learning problems.

The reasons for low learning include –

  • Non-availability of professionally trained teachers
  • Adverse Pupil teacher ratio (which is as high as 41:1 and 54:1 in certain states)
  • Infrastructural limitations
  • In high number of cases, the socio-economic factor and home environment that detrimentally affect a child’s learning, growth and development.

Once a student becomes a drop-out due to these various contributing factors, along with a pressure of low economic earning at home, the child is removed from mainstream education and eventually is lost under various layers of social ills.

In response to the pronounced need, we have pledged to work towards improving the quality government school education and learning outcomes of children from low-income communities in India by offering complementary and support services through Shikshaantra+.

In association with the state education departments, Khushii is providing Remedial & Support education to over 25,000 children across 14 government schools in India, and growing.

Distinctive elements of the Program:

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